Thomas Byttebier

Freelance digital designer

Interfaces, UX, web sites


Protime builds workforce management software. I was consulted as user interface designer in 2010–2012 as they decided to bring their desktop software to the web.

I did tons of research, sketched interactions, prototyped, designed flows, performed usability tests and finally created a user-friendly user interface.

The Protime dashboard UI

Here’s a quick glance at a few interactive details I designed for the web app. Everything was meticulously planned, researched, sketched, tested, designed and coded.

Screenshot of the Protime web app interface

The main goal was making Protime’s users more productive. Everything I did was carefully researched and designed to help them reach that goal.

Screenshot of the Protime web app interface

I created many re-usable bits of HTML & CSS, based on the OOCSS principle. It allows Protime’s development team to easily build the look of new functionality using my UI guide lines, and prepped chunks of HTML, CSS (and JavaScript).

part of the ui guide for forms

Ultimately designing an interface like this is not about making things looks pretty. It’s about creating a great user experience. It’s about helping users quickly perform daily tasks and reach their goals.

If you like what you see, let’s talk. I absolutely love this type of work.