Thomas Byttebier

Freelance digital designer

Interfaces, UX, web sites


Picturay is an interesting startup that lets you share your best holiday spots with friends, by means of pictures. I worked with Picturay in 2014 to redesign their product’s web interface. Here’s the homepage:

Picturay marketing site home page

The new design removes all clutter and makes the app much easier to use, on all devices. The emphasis is on the photos Picturay users share with their followers.

Picturay's interface is responsive

I researched, sketched interactions, prototyped and designed new flows to create a more focused user experience. I eliminated as much interface as possible, reducing to the essence. Because in the end, people don’t want to use interfaces, they want to get things done.

A screenshot of Picturay's interface design

On the front-end side, I coded a highly-scalable system that allows Picturay’s developers to easily build the look of new functionality using chunks of HTML, CSS and a clear UI design guide.

A screenshot of Picturay's interface design

As it’s mostly the case, I worked together with a team of web and back-end developers who put the product to life.

A screenshot of Picturay's interface design

If you like what you see, let’s talk. I absolutely love tackling the huge challenges that come with product and UX design.