Thomas Byttebier

Digital Director

Raising the bar in web design

November saw the birth of two online projects that will have a significant impact on how we build and design websites. It’s two sites that tell an important story but in a totally different way.

The first one is the online transcript of a presentation Frank Chimero gave at Build conference. It’s called What Screens Want and is not only a really well-written and thought-out essay, it’s also beautifully laid out. It’s an essential read for every web designer.

The second remarkable website is called Planet Money Makes A T-shirt. It’s the perfect symbiosis between good story telling and great web design. The moment I clicked the link I was sucked into the story. The design and development are impressively invisible, yet there when you need them. Very well done.

You can tell it’s two websites I’m really excited about. Just about every aspect of them feels right and that’s quite an accomplishment.

It’s sites like these that raise the bar in web design, online journalism and our entire industry. It’s projects that question what we do and how we can do things better.