Thomas Byttebier

Digital Director

Finally, a redesign

Finally, a redesign. It was about time. It’s hard to believe I never changed my previous site’s look since it was released mid 2008. What a shame.

So much has changed on the internet since then. The single most important thing probably being the fact that we’re now connected 24/7 through handheld devices. No new web technology, HTML update or visual trend can beat the impact of that.

But even more has changed on a personal level. I’m in my thirties now and I’ve sure had my share of misfortune. But I’ve been on two foreign continents and I have a truly beautiful kid now. I work for better clients, produce better work and have less but better friends, so that’s great.

It’s all things that shaped my vision on life in general and web design in particular. This renewed site is an extension of that: much simpler and to the point. It states what I do and what I believe in. Nothing fancy. Also: the domain name is now my own name. No more quaint company name, it’s just me anyway. (I’ve archived the old version much to my own embarrassment.)

This site runs on my new simple CMS of choice: Kirby. Coming from an ExpressionEngine background, Kirby is a delight for the small personal website this is. Kirby’s biggest plus is the absence of features: no database, no extensive configuration, no control panel. Just well-structured text files, easy updating and full design freedom. Love that.

In the next few weeks I’ll take the time to update the contents of my portfolio pages and do a few required tweaks here and there. Get in touch if you feel like. I’d sure appreciate it.